Thanks for visiting, I'm Will Fahy, a studio and music photographer based in Glastonbury, Somerset.


There's no glamorous 'I picked up my first camera when I was 4 years old' story here.  The careers advisor at school said I should be a greenkeeper, my interest in greenkeeping? None. In fact I left school without a real plan, but sport was fun, so I took Sports Science at college, which was fantastic.  I then went to study computing and got a job in IT. In 2007, after a day of mending printers at work I was given a camera by my MD; a Kodak DCS SLR/N with some studio lights, the corner of a loft conversion, a big roll of white paper, a whole bunch of products to photograph and was left to figure out how to use it all - and that's how I got started! 


That loft conversion is now the studio where I spend my days photographing products full time. Over the years I've developed a love of music photography and get to as many gigs and festivals as possible. If you have anything you'd like to ask, let's talk! 


Please don't use my images without my permission, I've worked hard to produce what you see here - If you would like to use, or puchase an image, get in touch. 




Get in touch!

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Otherwise, feel free to call or text my mobile on: 07921 459569




Thanks, Will